School Trips

At Skt. Josef’s we consider it an integral part of the curriculum that the students are given the opportunity to go on various school trips throughout their time with us. These trips, tours and camps help develop the whole child by exposing them to new and challenging situations. Students will go on various excursions throughout the year. Below are are description of the overnight trips, tours and camps.


Year 3: Sleep over

The first overnight experience is sleep over at the school. The whole class will help plan the meals, games and activities as well as cook, clean-up and prepare their own lunch for the next day. For many, this could be the first time they have spent a night away from their parents but this overnight experience provides a great ‘growing-up’ experience.


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Year 4 and Year 5: Camp

Year 4 and Year 5 will go together for an over night trip to a local camping site. This camp occurs early in the school year and is aimed at building friendships, resilience and responsibility.


Year 6: A Viking experience at Lejre

It is a tradition in Denmark for students to have some middle-ages experience. Year 6 will spend three amusing and challenging nights living like a Viking at Sagnlandet Lejre.


Year 7: Cultural Exchange

We are in the planning stage to develop a cultural and sporting exchange experience for our Year 7 class. The first stage will involve a school from Poland visiting and staying with us in 2019/2020.


 Year 9: Language Trip- Spain/France

A four-five day language immersion trip to Spain or France (depending on the elective language chosen). This trip focuses on language development therefore students will live with host families getting together with the class during the day for language and cultural activities, and sight-seeing.


Year 11: Character and Emersion Trip

Students in our final year will vist Rome, Italy. They will travel together with one of our Danish Department classes. The purpose is to tap into the school heritage and to complete some service work.