Science Talent

Skt Josef’s School is one of only a few schools in the country to be a member of ‘Science Talenter’ or science talents. This means that Skt Josef’s provides a talent program for students with a talent in science and mathematics. This programme is run in cooperation with the Danish Department and their teachers that are specifically trained to support students in the Science Talenter programme.

For students to participate in Science Talenter, they first and foremost need to have demonstrated a passion for science. Students would then be invited to an interview where they may be offered a place in the programme for that school year. Students will then be taken out from normal teaching for four-hours per week and work on projects under the guidance of the science-talent teachers. Students will attend talent camps and be entered in to national competitions. Students from Skt Josef’s, and especially those from the International Department, have been very successful in these nation-wide competitions over the past few years.