Parent Bodies

Forældreforeningen (Skt. Josef's Parent Association)

The schools parent association, known by its danish name Forældreforening, works to promote cooperation between school and home by, for example, organsing arrangements with both social and academic content.

The Forældreforening helps to raise funds for to be used on things that can be of benefit and benefit to school and students.

All parents at school are members of the Forældreforening, and one percent from school fees goes to the Forældreforening.

The Forældreforening Board of Directors consists of six members and two alternates who are elected at the annual general meeting, which is held each year at the end of September. Three of the board members are also members of the school board. See also the Parents' Association Articles of Association.

Read more on the Parent Association's website


International Parents Committee

The IPC is a highly valued group that exists to support the International Department. It has two important tasks:

1. To help support networking among parents, pupils and teachers

2. To help with ongoing school improvements via fundraising and awareness campaigns

All parents are automatically members of the IPC. The IPC has an active Facebook group which all new families in the International Department are invited. This group organises a number of events, and tries to help new families integrate into the Roskilde International Community.


Contact Parents

Each class at Skt. Josef's School has one or two Contact Parents whose main task is to welcome the new families and initiate some class social arrangements to promote fun activities outside school hours. This gives the students the chance to meet in a different setting, and gives parents the chance to informally meet other parents. Some school facilities may be borrowed for such arrangements.