PC use at Skt. Josef’s School

 All students in Years 5 to Year 11 are required to bring their own laptop PC to school (not an Apple computer).
Please observe the following guidelines when purchasing a laptop and the necessary software for school use. Briefly our requirements are:

Display Size: 12-15.6 "
Disk space of 250GB (hard drive or SSD)
Operating System: Windows 10
Memory: Minimum 4GB RAM
Must be able to connect to the school's wireless network, which is of the type 'g / n'
Accessories: Headset

These recommendations are described in greater detail below.


Choice of PC
We recommend a solid PC with Windows 10 that can handle daily transport to and from school. It is not necessary that the students bring a very powerful gaming computer. An ordinary standard PC of the type that is regularly offered covers the need for school work. The screen should have a size of approximately 12-15 inches.
There should be at least one SSD or a hard disk of at least 250 GB, so there's enough room for the entire Office suite, OneNote notebooks, images, documents, and projects that students prepare.

Apple computers do not meet school requirements
The school IT setup is based on PC standards and Microsoft Windows, and our staff are trained to teach and work with Windows-based PCs. Computers or tablets with other operating systems, such as Apple, Linux, Chromebook, Android or the limited Windows RT version cannot replace a Windows PC in teaching. Neither it is not a solution to download Windows on a partition of the harddisk on an Apple computer

Free Windows 10 Education for all students
The school offers all students one free upgrade to Windows 10 Education. It's Microsoft's most robust version and it has more features a Home or Pro.

In addition, Windows 10 Education has an enhanced boot menu, enhanced security and more. Finally, Windows 10 is a prerequisite for being able to participate in education involving Minecraft Education.
Note that the free Windows 10 Education also works after the student has left school.

On the http://sktjosef.onthehub.com page, the student must log in with his own unilogin (unilogin-username@sjs-roskilde.dk. Eg: tob1234@sjs-roskilde.dk) and use the same code as unilogin.
The student will receive a product code (remember to save and print it) that will be used when upgrading Windows. For more information and help, click the Help menu (top right corner).

Office package
School students can install the large Office suite, Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, for free, as long as they are students on Skt. Josef's School.
When students start school, they get access to a portal from which the Office package can be installed and where there is a guide to the installation. The student must log on to https://office.com with unilogin (as described above). The portal also includes a guide for installation.

The PC must also be equipped with antivirus software. We recommend Microsoft Defender which is included with Windows 10.
There are occasions where specific software needs to be installed. The student should therefore be permitted to install programmes on their PC, i.e. have administrator rights.

 Additional accessories
Students work with audiovisual productions in several subjects where they need a headset with microphone. Again, it stresses that it does not have to be an expensive headset of the kind used for gaming, but it may well be the headset that usually comes with the purchase of a smartphone.

Please note that the school does not provide insurance coverage for student PCs. All students in Years 7-11 are given the opportunity at the beginning of the school year to rent a lockable cupboard through Elevskab.dk, and we recommend that PC’s are kept here when not in use. Students in Years 5 and 6 can keep their PCs in a lockable joint cupboard when they are not being used. In the case of damage to or theft of student PCs, coverage must be provided by parents’ insurance.

Please note that in special cases it is possible to borrow a school laptop on application to the school management.

We are working systematically with ICT in education so that all our students can strengthen their skills. And of course we do it, as we approach any other teaching assignment: We work with a progression plan that outlines the skills and competencies that students must acquire from Year 1 to Year 11. All students on Year 5- Year 11 bring their personal computer, and we have school laptops for the younger students when they are required. We have ensured that everyone has access to a wide range of digital teaching materials via the school network. Last but not least, all teachers use a computer as their personal tool.

Questions to the above can be directed to the school’s IT department, Kim Thiedeke kt@sjs-roskilde.dk or Jørgen Olsen jo@sjs-roskilde.dk

 Acceptable Use Agreement
All students from Year 5 to Year 11 must discuss the acceptable use agreement, sign and return to their class teacher in order to use technology at school.

The policy covers student use of mobile phones and computers in teaching and at other times. It covers student’s responsibilities to protect themselves and other students while online; respect their own devices and those that belong to the school or other students; and the consequences for inappropriate use.

June 2019