Skt. Josef’s International School

Est. 2012


Skt. Josefs Skole began in 1904 when a small group of French nuns, known as The Daughters of Wisdom came to Roskilde. Over a hundred years later, in 2012, a new chapter in the history of Skt. Josefs Skole began with the establishment of the International Department.



Today we see the school as part of Roskilde’s centre, but it was not like that back in 1904. Try to imagine a rural spot with vegatble fields, fruit trees, a small pond and just a few scattered village houses. It was precisely at this location behind the town's proud Cathedral, on the hill overlooking the fjord that a small group of French nuns chose to establish a hospital and a school. The nuns were affiliated with the Catholic Church, who had come to the city in 1901 and who also built St Laurentii’s Church. On 8th October 1904, the "French School" as it was known then, opened with just three students in the Villa Maria building which is the Sct Josef’s Nursery. Initially the school was just for girls until 1924 when the school started enroling boys.

Skipping forward into the new century, the demand for an international school in Roskilde had become larger due the presences of more international companies, the growth of tertiary educational institutions, and an increase in returning expatriates wanting to call Roskilde home. So in 2012, the International Department began with thirteen international students and along with four teachers. These children, of various ages, were together in one classroom. Today, there are students from over forty countries, across six continents. There are eleven classes, Year 1- Year 11, with around twenty teachers.

But, what makes us an international school?

First of all, students in the International Department have all their subjects taught in English. What they are taught comes from the Cambridge International Curriculum which is the world largest provider of international education. Cambridge schools can be found in over 10,000 schools in 160 countries. Our families are multi-national and multi-cultural coming from all corners of the earth. And last, but not least, are the excellent teachers, who also come from all over the world bringing a wealth of international experience.

Today there are 200 students in the International Department, plus the 800 students in the Danish Department. While there are some differences between the International and Danish Departments, it is important to note that together, we are one school, with a proud past and a very bright future.