Register your child

Register your child


Before a place can be offered, a registration form needs to be completed. Registration fee for the waiting pool is 500 DKK.

Please note, completing this form is not a guarantee of a place.

Important information regarding enrolment:

It is at all times the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the contact details, such as email addresses and telephone numbers are updated. Changes should be sent to

An offer of a place will be made according to our enrolment policy and priority criteria. Offers may be made throughout the year:

1st Priority – Catholic families *

2nd Priority – Siblings, which already attend school, as well as children of staff. We will do our best to offer a place to a sibling, however, there is no guarentee that a space will be available.

3rd Priority – Children that have previously attended international schools or international kindergartens

4th Priority – Matters pertaining to the 'balance and international feel' of a class such as gender, nationality, age of students, and special needs. Date of registration.

We base our offers on the above mentioned criteria as well as looking at the distribution of girls and boys, age and nationalities in each individual class. Our main aim is to offer a balanced class with an international feel.

If your child is a Danish citizen attending a Danish school /‘daginstitution’, or your child has only ever attended a Danish school, please register with the Danish Department.

  • Initial year group placement is determined on the basis of age and relevant student history.

  • Children must have turned 5 years before the 1st October to be able to start in Year 1, and (in most cases) must not be older than 6 years.

  • We do not inform you of your staus in the waiting-pool, as this can cause unnecessary expectations, especially as the waiting-pool is dynamic and can change regularly when the above criteria is applied.

  • We run two separate waiting lists at Skt. Josef’s. One for the International Department, the ‘waiting-pool’ and one for the Danish Department. It is possible to put a child down on both lists, but this would require two separate enrolments. An offer of a place in one department cannot be transferred to another department.

  • After you complete the registration, you will receive a confirmation email. The school will contact you when a space is available where you will be invited in for an interview or offered a place.

  • *If your child/children are baptised Catholic, and you would like for the school to know this information, you can send a copy of the baptismal certificate to

Register and Pay

After you complete the registration form and pay the application fee, a confirmation email will be send to you. The school will contact you when a space becomes available where you will be invited in for an interview or offered a place.