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After School Activities are extra-curricular clubs that run outside of school hours and are optional for students. They are for students from Year 5- Year 11. (Students in Year 1-4 have the option of SFO after school). Clubs start in August and again in January. Some clubs have weekly fees while others are offered for free. In some cases, there are limited number of spaces available or a minimum number in order for the activity to run.

The following are the offerings for August 2017:

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The science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) club is an extra-curricular activity offered to all students in Year 4 to Year 6 (and to 3rd and 4th grades in the Danish department). The idea is to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to learning which will hopefully increase the interest of students in these subject areas. This club is also designed to encourage cooperation between students in the Danish and International departments.

STEM has limited spaces, is open to students in Year 4-6 and is free.


This group provides an opportunity for students to jam, appreciate music and occasionally perform. It is open to students from Year 6-Year11 who already play an instrument or sing. There is no cost to join the band.

After school sports training

This is an opportunity for those willing to run a little and to train. This club will do some general fitness as well as some sport specific training to prepare for the various DISNAC sporting events throughout the year. It is a great opportunity to improve skills and increase the chances of making the team.

Some sports have a limited number of participants, it is open to students from Year 4- Year 11 and is free.

Drama Club

Drama is a lot of fun and provides the opportunity to grow in confidence through games, acting and performance. The season always ends with a performance for students and parents. The Drama Club is open to students from Year 4- Year 11 and there is a cost associated.

Year Book

An annual year book is produced by a group of students who are involved in every aspect from photography to layout.